Thank you to Dick Arnspiger, Steve Matyi, and Larry Green for photos. To Ted McConnell for audio engineering and production, and to Billy Alletzhauser for technical support on the web.  Thanks also to former members Charles DeMaris, Mark Hanks, Peter Harris, Wally Carroll, Geoff Maher, Susan Cross Gilligan, and Dave Gilligan.  Thanks to our friends and singers Kathy Schneider and Nancy Keyser for sitting in with us, for their voices and wonderful songs from the tradition.  And thanks to the Riley School of Irish Music, without which none of us would ever have met.

Traditional Irish music in Cincinnati

DARK MOLL has performed in the greater Cincinnati area for over 20 years.  The band is available for weddings, festivals, and special occasions.

 Founding member and guitarist Susan Monroe is joined by Tim Clarke on concertina and accordion, Kate Riker on fiddle and Corwyn Wyatt on flute, whistle and vocals. 




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